Professional entertainment

one smile at a time

The Tejas Brothers are music makers and audience entertainers. Based in Fort Worth, TX and founded in 2006, they have become one of the best live acts to see, working with fairs, festivals, dancehalls, theaters and other venues from all over the Lone Star State and beyond. Committed to providing fans and talent buyers alike with fun, energetic and uplifting music experiences, it’s no wonder the band gets brought to play for events year after year. The band works with venues to increase promotions and audience turnout while providing fans with the down-to-earth accessibility that they have become so well-known for.

Marketing Your event or venue

Promote Your business with award-winning entertainment

Tejas Brothers know that a show just isn’t the same without the people in the audience. We work hard to get the word out to as many people as we can. Our tools for promoting your event or venue include:

  • Customized Advertising- When it comes to social media, Tejas Brothers know how to run specific ads, targeted to specific people. We have spent many years studying different platforms and we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll make sure to use the tools that do.
  • Video Production- Tejas Brothers know the value of videos in today’s world. It is what it is. With more and more people spending so much time online, video ads are an important part of our promotions.
  • Custom Printed Posters- If you’re able to hang posters in your venue, we’re willing to design custom posters to help promote our upcoming performance. Just let us know if there’s anything special you’d like on it, and we’ll make it happen! (see example of one for Mar. 4th at Del Norte Taco)